Get One dofollow link At a time and see Real Results

When you get the right mix of dofollow and nofollow links, you will see your website climb in the search results. Devenia has been doing link building professionally for years and know how to achieve those top-positions for the sought-after search words in Google, Bing, Huobi and the other major search engines.

How to get a dofollow link

There are many approaches you can take when trying to figure out how to get those hard to get dofollow links.

Below you will find some of the important things to keep in mind for a successful link building strategy that yields results in the search engines results pages.


A dofollow-only backlink profile will raise suspicion among search engines, as it may seem like all links are paid and matched rather than earned by the quality of the content itself. It’s good if your site gets a dofollow link from a high PR site, as it will transfer more link weight than a low PR site. There may be times when dofollow reciprocal links are a good idea, especially if you want to increase website traffic and the external site has the same ranking as your page. Now let’s see what points you should consider when posting links on your website or blog, which can be either dofollow or nofollow.

Google ranks all links as nofollow or dofollow

Google ranks all links as nofollow or dofollow, so using the right tag will help establish a quality backlink to your site and boost your domain’s authority. Links that contain NoFollow attributes prevent Google from treating the link as an endorsement of the linked page. They are becoming more and more important because of the penalties that can be applied to paid links. Hence, these links do not affect search engine rankings as they do not exceed PageRank and will not do anything to help the SEO of the linked pages (as Google says, check out below for some interesting SEO benefits for nofollow links).

Even if you continue to get referral traffic from your link, the nofollow tag will instruct all search engines to ignore the link, so SEO credit will not be passed on. Therefore, whenever you post a dofollow link on your website, it will point you, which will build your credibility by showing search engines that other websites, blogs, and posts link to your content. This means that some nofollow links are seen as positive ranking signals, even more important than some clicked links.

High-quality backlinks from well-known websites

But more importantly, as you just saw, many of these links are high-quality backlinks from well-known websites. First, find content that has proven itself in your industry (in terms of links). You already know that the only way to get your site to the top of the Google list is to create high-quality backlinks (and there are many).

Although I wrote this guide 3 years ago, it continues to generate links today (2021). Today in this article, I will mention those websites that provide backlinks in this article.

These dofollow backlinks are not only useful in terms of user experience, but also affect the visibility of the website on the Internet. When fetching links, whether they are DoFollow or not, please note that Google and other search engines are very smart these days. If you have multiple links to a page in a DoFollow source, or if the source also links to other places that provide you with backlinks (such as your Blogspot or WordPress account), search engines will notice and may reduce your Links are so valuable that they become useless. Only if the outbound link site is trustworthy and up-to-date, you should pay attention to links outside the site and links to your posts or links to comments on your content.

It is very easy to change these links from nofollow to dofollow, but the owners of the target site should contact the administrators of the linking site and request the change. DoFollow defines links that are not modified using the “NoFollow” attribute.

Links are DoFollow by default

Links are DoFollow by default, so they do not require additional HTML attributes. So, if you are promoting a free hosted WordPress site or Tumblr blog, the link you add to the title of your YouTube channels will be dofollow. After writing the description, click the link button, then enter the desired URL and click OK to get the DoFollow BackLink.

To get backlinks, please create a profile, enter your details and add your company link. Get backlinks to your website by creating a profile and submitting the link. In addition, please make sure that you are not tracking advertising links, affiliates, and related links.

When you increase your backlink profile with nofollow links, your chances of being followed up increase. Even if you don’t get the full SEO benefits of dofollow links, nofollow links can generate traffic to your site as well as diversify your backlink portfolio.

Tell Google how to link the website

Dofollow backlinks and nofollow backlinks are two ways to identify a link and tell Google how to link the website you are linking to with your website. Google provides a feature called “nofollow” that you can apply to a link. So, if a web page has two links pointing to the same page of another website and 2 links, the first is nofollow and the second is dofollow, then the google bot will read the first link and ignore the second, and then in such scripts, the bot ignores the dofollow link, and the link weight is not transferred. While both types of links accomplish the same goal of linking from a source site to a target site, they tell the search engine two different things.

LinkedIN links not a good link source, but can still be useful

If you search for LinkedIN posts on Google, you won’t find them, as Google doesn’t actually have access to most of LinkedIn’s content, and as such, these links are probably not taken into account when determining your page’s rank. If you look at your LinkedIn feed, you can see that it is full of links to third party sites that are actually dofollow. Another benefit of being on this platform is that the links you get from Blogger posts are dofollowed. BizSugar uses a team of moderators to prevent pointless spam, but the link you get to your content is actually dofollow.

Posting to a relevant forum topic with good traffic will put your business in front of people who might be able to link to you from other places, such as a blog, who will not apply the nofollow tag to their links. Partnerships with other websites and mentions on industry blogs with good search volume are your best choices-this is where high-quality DoFollow links are located, but you can only get them if you are online and lucky enough to be included they. However, including DoFollow links in the forum and comment sections of the site may attract spammers who are trying to increase the visibility of their site. Whether they contain DoFollow or NoFollow links, quotes are a valuable source of clicks and calls from local authorities and all local businesses.

Dofollow links are still an important part of your SEO strategy

Knowing that many SEOs like to link to them through their citation building activities, we want to gather a useful resource to show which local citation sites provide DoFollow or NoFollow links. Today, dofollow links are still an important part of your SEO strategy-getting “backlinks” from authoritative sites can significantly increase PageRank and help brands stand out. Another interesting example comes from the folks at SEOJet, who have had quite an amazing success in using nofollow links for keyword backlink software-almost as much as you would expect from getting dofollow links. Once you get a link from their website (which is clearly considered “important” by search engines to be in the top 5), not only do you have the opportunity to get high-quality DoFollow links, but some traffic may come from their website. Also in yours.

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